2024 Season

Driver / Car Details

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Please pay for your nomination prior to race day.

BSB 016610
ACC # 433412051
REF - please leave surname as reference
- - -

Nomination Fee: $20, includes transponder hire. Payable before entry to the above bank account. Members do not need to pay nomination fee.

Travel Money:

Travel money will only be paid to traveling drivers on blue ribbon / trophy events.

Travel money may only be collected after racing has finished, if it is not collected on race night then it will be donated back to the club.


Carnarvon Speedway only accepts Speedway Australia licenses for drivers competing at our track, no other license will be accepted. You will be made to purchase a one night drivers license to race at our tack if you do not hold a current Speedway Australia license or you will be refused to race.

Speedway Australia Pit Insurance only accepted. One night Pit Insurance available to purchase at insurance gate on the night.

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Shark Bay (0-350kms)

Geraldton (350-500kms)

Perth (500-1000kms)

South of Perth (1000+kms)

Standard Travel

Shark Bay $80

Geraldton $150

Perth $200

South of Perth $250

Blue Ribbon Travel

Shark Bay $150

Geraldton $225

Perth $300

South of Perth $350

Blue ribbon events if held on a stand alone meeting will be paid Blue ribbon travel

If a division is running at NWC has already had there blue ribbon event, they will be paid standard travel money

Travel will only be paid to travelling drivers on blue ribbons events, example – you will not be paid if you travel for a club show

Accredited Officials that Travel: $200 each

All rates are subject to the committee’s discretion

Admission Gate Price:

Adult: $10
Student (10-16): $10
Seniors: $10
Kids under 10: Free